Lens: the kubernetes IDE

Forget about bash aliasses to access your k8s resources or even about command line tools like k9s, there is something that will definitely speed up your kubernetes work. My go to tool nowadays is lens, the kubernetes IDE.

This desktop application is the best companion you may wish when working on your k8s needs. It is simply brilliant

A few highlighted features

  • It works with your kubeconfig: All your clusters easily reachable

  • No more kubectl exec -it: Simply shell into any active pods' container (lens does the pod/container lookups for you)

  • And tailing logs is also a thing of the past.

  • There are built in prometheus charts, with one click you'll be able to install metrics on your cluster

In other words, it completely obliterates any web based GUI for k8s that you may know. And it's available for

Check it out here