About me

I am an experienced fullstack/backend developer, born and raised in Amsterdam with modern php as primary language.

At age 11 I got my first private computer, a monochrome hercules 286 machine in my bedroom and the moment I discovered a program called q-basic i found out i could let the machine do what I want. I spent most of my teen years together with a friend I knew from primary school trying to recreate DOS games that we kids loved to play back then in q-basic. Later on I also worked a bit with pascal when i acquired a compiler. At the end of my high school years I transitioned into web development and did a couple of small html projects for SME's.

All with all it seemed the logical step to study computer science, there I had proper education in object oriented programming in Java but apart from all the practical classes lectures and theory wasn't the thing for me. Meanwhile I did one project with a classmate at school in php4, since it looked a bit like java but then as a scripting language.

In 2003, at age 19 I dropped out to start doing software engineering as a daytime job, using php and from there on the rest is resume material.


My profile nowadays could be best described as fullstack leaning to backend; I have done quite some frontend in both professional work as side projects recent years, I do however come from a backend background.

Todays stack of choice

PHP : Laravel, Lumen, Swoole

DB: Mysql, Mongodb

Front: Vuejs, ES6, Html/Css

Server: Nginx, Imagick, Ubuntu

Devops: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins

Ecosystems: GCP, a bit AWS and Digitalocean

Tools: Git, Composer, NPM, bash

Earlier tools: Phalcon, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Zend framework, Angularjs, jQuery, Apache, Centos, Plesk, Travis, SVN 

Professional experience
From 2003 - 2021

This list contains only the professional, paid work i have done in my career. Emtay and other side projects are not included

RoleSenior backend/fullstack developer
FromMar 2021 - Q3 2021
RoleLead backend developer
TypeFixed position
Duration3 years 10 months
FromJun 2017 - Mar 2021
TechnologiesLaravel - lumen - swoole - mysql - mongodb - vuejs
CompanyReachq & Unitapp
RoleLead fullstack developer
TypeFixed position
Duration2 years 5 months
FromJan 2015 - May 2017
TechnologiesPhalcon - CodeIgniter - Mysql - angularjs - jquery (+swift/java)
CompanyRotor solutions
RoleSenior php developer
TypeFixed position
Duration1 year 6 months
FromJul 2013 - Dec 2014
TechnologiesZend framework - Mysql - jQuery
RoleSenior php developer
TypeFixed position
Duration1 year
FromJul 2012 - Jun 2013
TechnologiesCakePHP - Mysql - actionscript
CompanyHoteliers.com / media concepts
RoleJunior/Senior php developer
TypeFixed position
Duration9 years
FromJul 2003 - jun 2012
TechnologiesPHP4 & Zend framework - Mysql - Html/css
EmesaSenior backend/fullstack developerFreelanceongoingMar 2021 - Q3 2021
OneFitLead backend developerFixed position3 years 10 monthsJun 2017 - Mar 2021Laravel - lumen - swoole - mysql - mongodb - vuejs
Reachq & UnitappLead fullstack developerFixed position2 years 5 monthsJan 2015 - May 2017Phalcon - CodeIgniter - Mysql - angularjs - jquery (+swift/java)
Rotor solutionsSenior php developerFixed position1 year 6 monthsJul 2013 - Dec 2014Zend framework - Mysql - jQuery
HottrafficSenior php developerFixed position1 yearJul 2012 - Jun 2013CakePHP - Mysql - actionscript
Hoteliers.com / media conceptsJunior/Senior php developerFixed position9 yearsJul 2003 - jun 2012PHP4 & Zend framework - Mysql - Html/css